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Oil Change

Performing an oil change at each factory recommended maintenance intervals on your Toyota is a great way to keep your vehicle running and maintain its value.


Which oil should I use?

Toyota Oil Change

Performing an oil change at each factory recommended maintenance interval on your Toyota is a great way to keep your vehicle running and maintain its value. Your local Toyota Service Center uses genuine Toyota Motor Oil for each oil change, specifically formulated to help protect against corrosion, prevent foaming and maintain proper application of oil on cylinder walls.

Need an oil change for your Toyota? Our Toyota-certified technicians can handle your oil change quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment at your local Toyota Service Center.

    • Genuine Toyota and Mobil 1 Motor Oils meet the specifications required by your Toyota to help optimize vehicle performance, reliability, and fuel economy
    • Follow the suggested vehicle service schedule in the owner’s manual
    • Contributes to proper vehicle performance
    • Enhances fuel efficiency and helps extend engine life
    • Meets or exceeds Toyota and the American Petroleum Institute specifications
    • Contains a special combination of base stocks to help increase engine performance
    • Contains special corrosion inhibitors to fight rust build up on an engine's metal parts
    • Specifically formulated for Toyota vehicles
    • Lower viscosity reduces engine friction and provides uniform lubrication throughout engine to help prevent engine deposits
    • More stability under a wide range of temperature conditions
    • Wear protection: Protects against premature engine wear
    • Low-temperature start-up protection: Provides outstanding protection during cold temperature start-ups, which is when engine wear can occur
    • Engine cleanliness: Provides outstanding protection against deposits
    • High-temperature protection: Improves piston cleanliness and helps extend life of high-temperature turbochargers.

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Our No Cost Maintenance Plan

Joining the ToyotaCare family ensures that your vehicle is maintained with genuine Toyota parts and serviced by Toyota-certified technicians. That’s why we include a maintenance plan with the purchase or lease of every new Toyota vehicle, for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.
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Toyotacare is with you for the first two years/25,000 miles. Toyoguard extends that peace of mind by providing additional services after your Toyotacare ends. For more information call 888-851-2722.
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