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Toyota Maintenance

How Old Tires Can Affect Vehicle Performance

Having trouble stopping, steering, or with fuel efficiency? Have you checked your tires lately? Old worn out or bald tires have a bigger impact on your vehicle and your safety than you might think!

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that have direct contact with the road, so don’t let bad tires stand between you and amazing adventures. Old or worn tires can impact your Toyota’s performance from fuel efficiency to stopping distance.

How can old, worn, or bald tires affect driving?

  • Slow stops
  • Difficulty steering
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency

Make sure you’re getting peak performance with proper tires. Even if the tread seems in good shape, you should have them checked regularly because over time, the rubber will degrade and become more prone to leaks or damage.

Not sure if you’re due for new tires? Call and schedule service with your Toyota Service Center so your Toyota can stay road ready.

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