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Refresh Your Treads

Watch for these telling signs of tire wear.

Toyota Service Centers technician working on a tireToyota Service Centers technician working on a tire

Finding the time for vehicle maintenance may be difficult—but there’s a fast and easy way to tell what condition your tires are in. Your tires should pass the following tests:

They should have the correct tread depth

Your treads should be no less than 1/16 of an inch deep. An easy way to test is to take a penny, place it head-down between the raised treads, and check whether the top of the head is visible. If so, you may need new tires.

No cracks in the sidewalls

A lot changes over 50-60,000 miles – including the condition of your tires. At least every six years, even if the tread looks good, you should think about getting your tires replaced because the integrity of the rubber could be compromised.

They should not cause too much vibration while you’re driving.

Where you live can play a big role in the condition of your tires. Warmer temperatures and heat can more drastically affect the elasticity of your tires and their air pressure. Different climates can require different types of tires to best combat weather-related issues.

A visual check can diagnose most of these potential issues, but if you have any reason to believe that your tires are due for some attention, take your Toyota in for a service appointment. Our knowledgeable staff and Toyota-certified technicians will help you stay in safety’s lane with regular maintenance and expertise when it comes to a new set of tires.

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