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white Toyota Supra on race trackwhite Toyota Supra on race track

Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber Wheels

Available for Toyota Supra

Two-piece architecture combines the performance benefits of a carbon composite rim with the design freedom of an aluminum alloy center.

  • Lighter Weight
  • Increased Strength
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Increased Performance
  • Innovative Two-Piece Design

Improved Handling

Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheels offer weight savings over cast aluminum, which improves the braking, steering, acceleration and suspension performance. Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheels also lower the unsprung mass of a car, reducing vibrations felt when driving over uneven road surfaces, maintaining more consistent tire load and ultimately improved handling.
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Toyota XSeries wheelsToyota XSeries wheels

Acceleration & Braking

Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheel rims substantially reduce the mass of a traditional aluminum wheel rim and thereby allow for quicker acceleration and braking (resistance to the start or stopping of spinning).
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white Toyota GR Supra in a white studiowhite Toyota GR Supra in a white studio

Steering Responsiveness

Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheels reduce unwanted gyroscopic rotational forces, making the car drive more responsively and precisely. Drivers will experience a more responsive driving experience allowing them to better control their vehicle.
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Toyota Michelin tires on a grey ToyotaToyota Michelin tires on a grey Toyota
    white Toyota Supra in a white studio
    Aesthetic Appeal
    Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheels are manufactured to accentuate carbon fiber surface fabric that improves visual appeal including a proprietary resin coating system that is UV stable.
    Toyota wheels
    Unlike a traditional one-piece carbon fiber wheel, Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber two-piece construction offers unlimited design flexibility and finish variations, providing performance advantages of a carbon fiber rim and the design flexibility of an alloy wheel.
    white Toyota Supra on race track
    Increased Performance
    Due to significant weight savings over a aluminum wheel, Lacks carbon fiber wheels enhance braking, improve steering feel and increase acceleration – providing a better driving experience.
    • Aesthetic appeal vs. traditional aluminum performance wheel rims
    • Improved performance vs. aluminum performance wheel rims, more responsive driving mannerisms
    • Reduced noise, vibration & harshness and as strong as aluminum
    • Two-piece wheel allows for far more compelling wheel center designs
    • Carbon Fiber does not discolor vs. competition – due to coating and chemistry expertise
    • Yes, the Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber wheel adheres to all Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) wheel performance testing requirements

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